“I am here to get it right, not to be right.”
– Brené Brown

DEI: GET GUIDANCE ON this Current business imperative

The landscape of communities and marketplace principles have changed.

We embrace the advantages of DIVERSITY and identify strategies to help our clients enter in and better engage in this space.

  • In retail African-Americans are the most loyal among all ethnic groups (customer.com retail study 2018)
  • 73% of whites and 67% of hispanics believe African-Americans influence mainstream culture (Neilson study)
  • The 2nd fastest growing family households in the US
  • 2022 project spend of $1.54 trillion = 13th in global GDP

Cultural Firewall

Diversity, equity and inclusion issues are mostly about culture-gaps.

These gaps often result in miscommunication, misrepresentation, and misunderstanding.

At HUMINT, we serve as a cultural firewall of protection for brands and businesses. We provide culture-infused consulting services so brands can better connect within this diverse marketplace and authentically engage with its unique consumer tribes.

Since birth, we’ve been in the diversity space and have lived within its confines and cubicles for years. Both the experiences we’ve lived, and business experiences, enable us to help our clients.

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Code Switch

An educated and empathetic understanding of the nuances of culture allows for connection and communication with consumer tribes.

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Avoid The Oops

A cultural filter for communication and content serves as a safeguard against a potential violation of others.

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Find New Spaces

Step out of the comfort zone into culturally relevant markets and mediums to build authentic and mutually beneficial relationships.

Culture is Specific

And we are too. While we consider ourselves experts, we know that there are always people who know more about specific cultural understanding and contextual situations than we do.

There are many racial, generational, gender-specific, socio-economic, and other intricacies which break our world down into unique tribes. And while we have a unique lens of perspective and experience, we cannot represent all.

As a result, we are intentional with those who are a part of HUMINT and those we bring in for specific understanding and outcome. Often some of the best experts exist outside of our walls, so we invite them into our team to contribute their particular perspectives for the work we do that needs to hear their voice.

Are you minding the cultural gap?

Let’s talk about it.

We build the right relationships
between brands and people.

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