Pittsburgh Yards


Case Study

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is devoted to building economic opportunity and financial stability for children in underserved neighborhoods. With that mission in mind, they purchased a 31-acre site in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood, adjacent to the Beltline.

Their goal: Redevelop the site to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship.

We worked with the Foundation and the Pittsburgh residents to create a unique brand identity for the new development—Pittsburgh Yards. We immersed ourselves in the neighborhood’s rich history and heritage to create logos, taglines, and community engagement presentations.


Pittsburgh is one of the oldest communities in Atlanta and sits adjacent to the Atlanta Beltline. Though the intent of the Beltline was to be an inclusive component of the community, many of the people in the community feel they will lose their property like all the other neighborhoods on the Beltline.

They are fighting to keep the community “brown” and inclusive. Their desire was for economic inclusion. Unlike other Beltline communities, this community pushed for commercial/industrial versus residential for economic empowerment and equality.

To help answer the community’s call, HUMINT worked with the Pittsburgh community’s residents and leaders and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. We immersed ourselves in the community’s culture and heritage to develop a unique visual brand identity for Pittsburgh Yards.


  • Research
  • Community Engagement
  • Joint Pitches To/With Community Leaders
  • Brand Logo and Tagline
  • Direct Mail Materials to Gather Community Feedback

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